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Maureen from:
Kenora,Ontario Canada wrote:

Hi. My name is Maureen McRae. I live in Kenora.Ontario. Canada. I came across your I Love Black Bears website, googling pics of bears. I am a big lover of black bears. Living in NorthWestern Ontario I see alot of them. My daughter and I have been going 'Bear hunting',(we get in our car and check out Kenora's hot spots for bears and just watch them, we do NOT harm them), we have been doing that for 5 years now, normally during the week or on Sunday evening when the town is not so busy. The other day I was going to work and i saw a mom bear and her cub in the dumpster where I work. ( unfortunatly that is what they do alot of here). I sat in my car and watched them. Any ways, if there is a way i could join your website could please let me know how. I have alot of stories about encounters with bears and would love to share them on your site. Thank you for your time.

Lisa from Rochester Wrote

  I woke up the other day and my phone rang, early, before 7am! "Turn on channel 13!!!" My brother told me excitedly! "There is black bear in the tree in a woman's yard in the city!" "IN THE CITY??" "YEP!" Sure enough there was a young male, they thought maybe 2 years old, wandered in from the Genese River Gorge and was in a womans tree in her front yard! Crowds of people had already gathered and the police were there. A man was walking his dog at about midnight and saw a big dog, but then the "dog" climbed a tree!! That was no dog! He woke up the people who owned the home "uh...there is a bear in your tree!" They did not believe him! So everyone is so excited, the whole city is a buzz, did you hear about the bear??? He stayed in the tree sleeping for about 9 hours!! Then the DEC showed up. The plan, shoot him with a tranqulizer dart, catch him from his fall out of the tree, and take him to state owned land far away from the city. This story has a horrible ending, they killed him, did not catch him correctally, broke his neck on the fall from the tree. I was crushed, burst into tears when hearing, I am a bear lover for about 40 years now. Bear sightings in unusual places is becoming more and more common. The DEC must be trained to deal with these kinds of situations without killing the bears!

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