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Black bear spotted in Altamonte Springs neighborhood
WFTV Orlando
A resident said she came across the lone black bear after noticing her bird feeder had been knocked over. Neighbors said the bear eventually made its way back into the woods. The Altamonte Springs neighborhood backs up to a wooded area that surrounds ...
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Best Way To Shoo Bear When He Doesn't Want To Go? [Video]
black bear made the rounds near Walnut Hill Road in North Madison Thursday, one of several sighted around town recently. After being chased away at one house, he'd show up at another house, checking to see what else was for dinner. He was caught ...
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North Bend area man jailed for killing black bear
The arrest came after police received a tip that on July 9th John A. Gibson, 42, killed ablack bear on rural property outside the North Bend city limits, according to OSP spokesman Gregg Hastings. On site, police found evidence substantiating the tip and...
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Md. black bear population doubles since 2005; game managers set higher 2012 ...
The Republic
HAGERSTOWN, Md. — The Department of Natural Resources says Maryland's black bearpopulation has more than doubled since 2005 and it's adjusting the hunting rules accordingly. Wildlife biologist Harry Spiker said Friday that a population study done ...
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Black bear program in Hawley on Saturday
Pocono Record
Learn how to deal with black bears during a free program from 1 to 3 p.m. Saturday at PPL's Wallenpaupack Environmental Learning Center in Hawley. Mark Kropa, wildlife conservation officer, will give some tips on how to live with black bears in your area.
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NB man arrested for killing black bear 11
A North Bend man is in jail after Oregon State Police say he illegally killed a 200 pound black bearearlier this month and then dumped it on state property. State Police began investigating claims that someone had illegally killed a black bear on rural property ...
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Shoreline Black Bear Raiding Garbage Cans
Shoreline Black Bear Raiding Garbage Cans. Don't let this black bear (or any others) associate your back yard with a dining room! Here's how to keep your yard boring for bears. Thanks to Dianne for sending in these pictures and the info! By Pem McNerney ...
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Coos County man arrested in black bear's death
San Francisco Chronicle
(AP) — The authorities arrested a Coos County man accused of illegally killing a black bear and leaving it to waste. The Oregon State Police Fish and Wildlife division says 42-year-old John Gibson was arrested at work Wednesday evening and taken to the ...
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Bears come over the mountain
Greenville News
South Carolina's urban sprawl is pushing up the number of black bear encounters with humans, Morton said, many of them caused by residents who leave dog food and birdseed outside, not knowing the food is viewed by bears as an easy meal. Statewide ...
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Blairstown Township man illegally shoots black bear, authorities say
The Express Times -
A 25-year-old Blairstown Township man remained in jail Thursday on allegations he killed a black bear with a crossbow out of hunting season, authorities said. Kevin Young, of the first block of Cedarville Road, was arrested after a blood trail led to his ...
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The Express Times -
Nebo bear captured, relocated to Newton County area
Russellville Courier
The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC) caught the young male Arkansas black bearWednesday evening that had been living on top of Mount Nebo. Myron Means, statewide bear program coordinator for the AGFC, said the “cute, little bundle of ...
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Bear in the yard?
Nashoba Publishing
Attracted by the easy pickings of exposed trash barrels, compost piles, pet foods, and especially bird feeders loaded with crunchy food, the New England black bear has been spotted in backyards all over the Nashoba Valley and even as far as Brookline.
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